Please Support Our Work -Donate Financially Today!

The HarmoniousVolunteer Center has started a fund-raising drive for Building and/or Renovating of New and Existing Community Centers starting with Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.   If you would like to write a check or money order,                                                                                                    please make payable to the:       Harmonious Volunteer Center and mail to address below.                                                                               Our mailing address:  Post Office Box 50463, Philadelphia, PA 19132.  Attention: Accounts Receivable Department.

Online financial donations can be made at:

You may make a personal In-Person (receipted) cash donation at our events, meetings, or special occasions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Telephone: 267-595-5278         All donations are gratefully accepted.  In-kind donations are also accepted by our organization.  Thank you for your support.  Your financial donations may be a tax exempt benefit for you in accordance with the IRS ruling.

Due to difficulty with the electronic means of transferring money we do not do credit or debit cards.  Please mail any financial donation and we will forward a receipt to you via email or USPS.



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