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(98) of HVCIrvin B. Shannon, Executive Director, Harmonious Volunteer Center in August, 2017 was appointed to the National Association of Nonprofit Organization Executives. (NANOE) Shannon maintains the Office of the Executive Director with a staff of one Associate Director; five Regional Coordinators and a Host of Program Specialists who volunteer their time, enegries, and talents to achieve the Mission of the Organization.  Bio:  At the age of 75 Irvin B. Shannon brings a wide range of experience to the management, administration, and leadership of the  corporation with backgrounds in the following industries; Transportation – 40 plus years as owner, operator, president of Auto Grooming and Recondition facilities such as Shannon’s Carwash and Auto Detail Center; Keybrite Auto Center, Kansas City, Mo / Mission, Ks; Auto Groomers of America, Philadelphia, PA, throughout the United States.  3 years with the Trans World Airlines as an accomplished Customer Service Agent.  1 year as a licensed Employment Counselor, Chicago, Illinois; Salary Station Manager for Shell Oil Company, Maywood, Illinois; Assistant Station Manager for Exxon Oil Company, Elmont, NY.  Auto Groomers of America, Philadelphia, PA.   Licensed Public Adjuster Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Shannon is an Honorably Discharged with Commendation Veteran of the United States Air Force having served in the Viet Nam Era.  Shannon has served under President Ronald Regan on the Republican Task Force with a mandate to “Get the People in America Working”.   Shannon is an Inventory Management Specialist with Warehousing, Distribution and Acquisition of Resources experience.  A motivational speaker; a facilities design consultant; a trainer and instructor; and an intake interviewer.  Shannon has traveled to 40 of the states in the nation to evaluate opportunities and has been touted as a Professional Finder for Fees. Come and Meet them Here

(96) of HVC

Ramona Reid, A community advocate, mother of five, HVC Chaplin and Regional Coordinator.  A  Public Relations and Outreach Specialist who is Multi-talented, dedicated, and a diligent customer service professional with over 15 years of experience with the Harmonious Volunteer Center.

(97) of HVC

Warren Lloyd, Associate Director , Harmonious Volunteer Center provides Audio/Video Technical Assistance.  Mr. Lloyd has a 20 year track record with volunteer services at the Harmonious Volunteer Center and provides services for our challenged population.

John Lohac, Board Member                                                                                                                       Harmonious Volunteer Center

John Lohac, Board Member Harmonious Volunteer Center

John Lohac, is a watchdog for peace.  An advocate for social justice, John joins the Harmonious Volunteer Center providing networking resources that benefit the organization’s national growth.

Agnes L. McRavion, Appointed July, 2017 to the position of Chief Executive Officer with the Office of the Executive Director.

Frederick Barber:   President of HVC Veteran’s Group, Producer of KarBar Video Productions, Behavioral Health Administrator, Advocate to restore General Assistance in PA..  Barber received appointment to serve with the Office of the Executive Director in the position of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in July, 2017.

Serena Kinnon, HVC Public Relations Representative, Network Specialist, Think Tank Coordinator

Tracy Wallace, HVC Outreach Support Specialist

Daniel McCollum, HVC Special Events Coordinator

Rev.  Mary Davis, HVC Faith Based Coordinator

Sister Gloria Washington/ Faithful Temple – Midnight Cry Radio Station WPEB 800AM

Joanna Shannon-Martin/ Regional Coordinator, Mt. Vernon, New York

Tony Shannon/  Regional Coordinator, Laurel, Maryland

Zyadah Musawirr/ Regional Coordinator, Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Iris Ham, NCBA Volunteer

Khalia Robinson: Public Relations and Outreach Specialist is Multi-talented, dedicated, and a diligent customer service professional with over 10 years experience along with Microsoft Office skills; Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator with both PCs and Apple computers.  Ms. Robinson is a member of the National Grant Writing Association and holds a BS in Communication from Clarion University.

Geraldine Churchwell:   Public Relations and Outreach Specialist is Multi-talented, dedicated, and a diligent customer service professional with   years experience along with Microsoft Office skills;   Ms. Churchwell is the Director of the Circle of Life nonprofit organization providing Grant Writing services, Networking Relationships, and other resources for Professional Development.

Charles Bowden,  General Contractor who maintains HVC’s physical facilities.

Pauline Hammond, Real Estate Broker providing HVC Public Relations networking and transportation needs.

Rhonda Skipwith, Interim Administrative Manager North Penn Civic Association’s Community Center at Chalmers Park provides Job Readiness Training for incoming HVC Volunteers and coordinates multiple programs at the center.

Carolyn Harris, Executive Director, West Chestnut Street Educational Institute and the Young Entreprenuers of the Future.

Alonzo Gibbs, Assistant to the Executive Director, Public Speaker and Public Relations Coordinator

Alishia Dorsey, Network Resource Coordinator, Editor and Producer of “Red Hen Productions”.

Joseph Stone HVC Computer Intern

Delores Murphy, HVC Computer Instructor

Robert Bethel, HVC Technical Computer Specialist

John Mont, HVC Transportation Specialist

George White, HVC Transportation Specialist

Nigeria Bates, HVC Public Relations Representative

Charles Mannings, HVC Public Relations Representative

Isaiah Coates, HVC Public Relations Representative

Judy Lockwood, NCBA Volunteer

Vincent Cottle, NCBA Volunteer

James Beltcher, NCBA Volunteer

Monroe Lee, NCBA Volunteer

Frank Robinson, NCBA Volunteer

Steven Donaldson, NCBA Volunteer / NPCA Facilities Manager / HVC Merchandise Coordinator.

Douglas Pryor, HVC Administrative Coordinator 

Donna Robinson, Computer Guidance Specialist

Alfreda Williams, NCBA / HVC Administrative Coordinator

Larry Perry, Computer Intern

Gilbert Backers, Computer Intern, HVC

Ida Eason, Vocalist and Song Writer for HVC

Alicia Betha, HVC Outreach Support Specialist

George Gordon, Laundry Mat Owner Operator, HVC Shoe Donation/Collection Site and Uniform Maintenance Services.

Chanel Savage, HVC Outreach Support Specialist

Jack Gardenhire, HVC Outreach Support Specialist

Dorleen McQueen, HVC Arts and Crafts Program Manager at North Penn Civic Association’s Community Center.

Mardea Walton, HVC Outreach Support Specialist,

Wanda Abdullah, HVC Outreach Support Specialist,

Claude Scarborough, M.ED., HVC Director of Education; Mayor’s Commission On Literacy Registered Tutor.

Rachelle Kemp/ 

Rebecca Leonard/ 

Todd Chilsom/ 

Ron Ali/ 

Franchesica Fuentes/  

Valerie Walls/ 

Dorothy Dennis/   

Kizzie Cousin/ 

Denise Bey/

Clifford Tindal/

Calla Cousar/ President of the East Parkside Residents Association

Sharon Sanford/

Patrice Lindsay/

Eleanor Wilson/

Rebecca Schawm/

Tamara White

Gail Anderson

Shari Reed

Irene Scaffe

Theresa Cherry

Angelina Fernandez

Ashley McNair

Shakira McEachin

Stephanie Perez

Elizabeth Del Tejo

Christina Haynes Bennett                                          

 Andral  Cheragard          

Shahay Hicks

Anna Naji

Sadeera Dawson

Naimah Griffin

Danielle Baker

 Suyliah Castillo

Andrew Thompson

Juanita Upshur, Board Member Director of Multi Cultural Affairs (Deceased)

Paulette Minard, Board Member Assistant to the Executive Director (Deceased)

Warren Lloyd, Board Member Associate Director Harmonious Volunteer Center (Deceased)

Deloris Capers/ Chairman of the Laura Sims Skate House (Deceased)

Robert Walker, (Deceased) Interim Assistant Administrative Manager, North Penn Civic Association’s Community Center at Chalmers Park.  Robert is the chief coordinator for the “My Brother’s Keepers Challenge” for HVC.

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