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PRESS RELEASE – September 1, 2017

Harmonious Volunteer Center -Authority: Office of the Executive Director, Irvin B. Shannon –   Post Office Box 50463,

Philadelphia,  PA 19132 Telephone: 267-595-5278 Email: hvcorder@hotmail.com                                                                                                                         www.harmoniousvolunteercenter.org is not just digital information.  We are Real people working in real time with real situations to bring about social changes within our community.  The impact that is being made by the Harmonious Volunteer Center is reaching thousands upon thousands of citizens with measurable outcomes.  18 plus years of organizational development has laid a foundation of providing community service; volunteer training systems; and assistance to community based organizations which is our MISSION.  What we seek to express in this message to the public is the importance of volunteerism, charitable giving, and the development of collaborative groups working toward common goals to improve the “quality of life” issues within our society.

The Harmonious Volunteer Center has been innovative with establishing working system designs that can be reproduced, implemented and utilized by the nonprofit community; business community; and civic community.  These designs affect the population from birth to death and cross all disciplines of commerce, education, and government.  We have designated our involvement for the improvement of our society as a “Healthy Community Concept which is all inclusive of the multiple concerns that we have as citizens.  These concerns are taking place at the same time and space in our lives and as such will be no easy task to solve each one at the same time, however, through open transparent communications and honest discussions we are approaching collaborative input resulting in sound planning processes that brings our collective efforts to equitable conclusions.  As we all agree to the pros and cons of these given situations, we allow ourselves to develop relationships in harmony with one another and thus the Harmonious Volunteer Center has become self reliant and self sufficient in being a conduit for effective resources on behalf of participating nonprofits, businesses, civic and government agencies and the individuals we serve.  All volunteers at the Harmonious Volunteer Center take a particular pride in achievements that have been accomplished over the years and even more pride at the creative inclusion representing the vision of our social future.  It would give our organization great pleasure to name names of those who have been recipients of our volunteer efforts, however, we will recommend that you visit our website for additional information: www.harmoniousvolunteercenter.org

Is our story one of human interest in America today.  You bet it is, because we are Grassroots (individuals) who are making change not only in our best interest, but also at the request of the President of the United States of America and all of our elected representatives who we hold accountable for our best interest as citizens.

Welfare to Work Reform – National Sports Tournaments – Community Events – Educational Advantages – Volunteerism – Humanitarian Assistance – Economic Development – Successful Urban Models – Job Readiness and Skill Training – Financial Literacy – Positive Youth Engagement Activities – Turn key Employment – Technology Advancements – Veteran’s Resource Exchange – Crime Reduction all being provided by the Harmonious Volunteer Center which is representative of the citizens of the United States of America who are makers of change in our society.  Contact: 267-595-5278 Email: hvcorder@hotmail.com Irvin B. Shannon, Executive Director


An Overview of the Harmonious Volunteer Center lies in our day-to-day work to fulfill our Mission of “Providing Community Service” which in our perception is people helping people; Providing Volunteer Training Systems which in our perception is our ability to be as professional as we can be without changing who we are and offer our methods to others; and Assistance To Community Based Organizations which in our perception is to offer whatever resources we can to help others do good works in their areas and with their targeted groups.


Irvin B. Shannon

Post Office Box 50463, Philadelphia, PA 19132

Telephone: 267-595-5278 Email: hvcorder@hotmail.com                                  Website: www.harmoniousvolunteercenter.org

Objective:      To develop a major Nonprofit Corporation that provides Community  Service; Volunteer Training Systems; and Assistance To Community  Based Organizations on a National Scale.


1959 Edison Technical, Vocational, Commercial High School, Mt.  Vernon, New York 10550 Diploma-Radio Engineering

1960 Essex College of Business, 1019 Broad Street, Newark, New Jersey 2-1/2 years Court Reporting

1965 United States Air Force Inventory Management Technical School,                     

1969 Trans World Airlines Customer Service Training, Laguardia                                                   Airport, Flushing, New York-Customer Service                                    

1973 Businessmen Clearing House,   Chicago, Illinois, Employment                                              Specialist                                                                                                                                   

1980 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Labor,                                                         Unemployment Division, Intermittent Intake Interviewer                                               

1996 Metro Public Adjusters, Bensalem, Pennsylvania, Licensed                                                  Public Insurance Adjuster                                                                                                       

1996 MarRon Caterers, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Assistant                                                              Business Manager

1998 to Current Harmonious Volunteer Center, Executive Director

Awards, Fellowships, Grants:

2000           *W.E. Martin Productions, Man of the Year Award,

2001   *West Chestnut Street Educational Institute, Five Star Achievement Award

2011  *Public School Notebook, Award for Distribution Services Award

2013   *Philly Rising Community Hero Award

Positions Held:

1998 to Current     Executive Director, Harmonious Volunteer Center

1998 to Present     Advisory Board Member, East Parkside Residents Association

1999 to Present     Advisory Board Member, United Block Captain’s Association

2000 to Present     Alumni Member Civilian Philadelphia Police Academy

2013 to Present     Equal Dollars Community Currency Program Volunteer Administrator

References                                                                                                                                 John E. Brickhouse III, President, North Penn Civic Association, 2800 North 29th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19132

Carolyn Harris, Executive Director, West Chestnut Street Educational Institute, 6027 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19139

Additional References available upon request.

1.       Our mission statement is: “The Harmonious Volunteer Center provides “Community Service; Volunteer Training Systems; and Assistance To Community Based Organizations”.

2.       Our perception (Community Service) is neighbor helping neighbor and our organization is available to anyone in the country who makes written request for assistance.  We will do what we can, with what we have, and make no promises to anyone.

3.       Our perception (Volunteer Training Systems) We have the desire to produce the best qualified volunteer within our organization in order meet with whatever the situation may be, therefore, we train all of our volunteers concerning our policies, procedures, methods, etc.

4.       Our perception (Assistance To Community Based Organizations) Community Based Organizations and nonprofit organizations have requested our assistance on many occasions and we have been able to comply, however, when assisting other organizations, it may be necessary for the volunteers of the HVC to comply with their rules, regulations, etc.  We bring additional resources and meet with the needs and or desires of other organizations.

The Harmonious Volunteer Center works to assist community based organizations with projects that work toward the achievement of peaceful, just and equitable reltionships among people.  Our organization believes that being strongly rooted in local communities will bring about the change in values needed to establish a more just and peaceful world.  Our organization works with the importance of building movements to create systemic social change and the transformation of society.  We recognize young people’s ability to reshape our society athletically, educationally, and culturally as a vital force in the transformation of society.

Our organization is committed to supporting organizations and projects that recognize an appreciation of both the diversity and unity of the human family.  While the Harmonious Volunteer Center strives to build equitable relationships-with our fellow human beings and with the natural environment of organization becomes creative in finding needed solutions to critical issues within our common society.

Evidence that some of the institutional and structural causes of injustice, whether physical, social or economic remain largely intact.  These causes have created increasing incidences of violent crimes, increasing poverty and unemployment.  It is our challenge in locating those causes and developing community based alternatives that promote a more just, nonviolent society which is at the heart of our commitment to serve.

To bring about positive and progressive actions necessary for immediate change, the Harmonious Volunteer Center introduces the BUILDING OF UNDERSERVED NEIGHBORHOODS by creating NEW (State of the Arts) COMMUNITY CENTERS in urban settings that can serve a large population and have a meaningful impact upon the lives of the participants.  OUR MISSION is to “PROVIDE COMMUNITY SERVICE; VOLUNTEER TRAINING SYSTEMS; AND ASSISTANCE TO COMMUNITY BASED ORGANZIATIONS”.

Our organization’s interest in working with the building of a new community center at Chalmers Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is estimated to cost approximately three million dollars which means this would accommodate the constructional costs as well as the creation of a minimum of twenty paid volunteer positions.  The results of the efforts will produce accommodations of services and programs that impacts 500,000 up to 1,000,000 citizens directly with residual effects as well.  This effort includes: planning, one time construction costs, paid staffing for ten years, and facility maintenance costs.


Executive Director of the Harmonious Volunteer Center since January 1998.

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