Million of Shoes Needs Hundreds of Volunteers

Help Wanted Sign The Office of the Executive Director is now interviewing individuals who are interested in spare time / part time / full time work experiences as Shoe Collectors for the HVC Shoe Drive Campaign which is expanding into Statewide coverage.  Philadelphia residents apply in person on Tuesday at the Widener Branch Library Conference Room, *2808 West Lehigh Avenue, Philadelphia, PA *10:10:00a.m sharp for a one hour orientation, registration and Q&A.  Unable to attend apply by Email:  No Computer, telephone: *267-595-5278  Facilitator: Irvin B. Shannon.

The HVC Goal for 2017 is to raise 18 million pair of shoes.  We now have offices in Johnstown, Pa; Mt. Vernon, NY; Liberty, SC; Philadelphia, PA; Wilmington, DE; and Camden, NJ; Laurel, MD; Montgomery County, PA;

Shoe Collectors

for the Harmonious Volunteer Center can earn $25.00… $50.00… up to $100.00 in one day.

*The Job: Accepting and obtaining shoes

*Age requirements: 18 and older

*Physical requirements: None

*Methods Used: Various such as – High Traffic Locations – Drop Off Locations – Block to Block, Special Events – 3K/5K Walks, etc..

Interested Person(s) may apply in person at the following locations / Day / Times. Resume is helpful but not required. High School Diploma not required. Background not required. Physically Challenged is acceptable.

Interview Location # 1 – Widener Branch Library (conference room) 2808 West Lehigh Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19132 – Tuesday only – 10:00a.m. sharp – Facilitator: Irvin B. Shannon

Jobs being created by HVC 2016

These are Part Time Jobs with Flexible Work Hours and Days and they are available for immediate start for selected candidates and interested persons.

Landscaper and Grounds Keeper                     $5,200.00 $100.00 Wkly 10 hours

Facility Custodian and House Keeper $5,200.00 $100.00 Wkly 10 hours

Office Administrator $5,200.00 $100.00 Wkly 10 hours

Office Administrator Assistant $5,200.00 $100.00 Wkly 10 hours

Shoe Drive Collector Independent $5,200.00 $100.00 Wkly 10 hours

Shoe Drive Collector Mobile Table $5,200.00 $100.00 Wkly 10 hours

Shoe Drive Collector Shoe Drop Locations $10,400.00 $200.00 Wkly 20 hours

Shoe Drive Collector Spokesperson $5,200.00 $100.00 Wkly 10 hours

Material Handler $5,200.00 $100.00 Wkly 10 hours

Warehouse Processor $5,200.00 $100.00 Wkly 10 hours

Inventory Manager $5,200.00 $100.00 Wkly 10 hours

Literature Circulation Specialist $5,200.00 $100.00 Wkly 10 hours

Radio/ TV Talk Show Host $5,200.00 $100.00 Wkly 10 hours

Talent Coordinator for Special Events $5,200.00 $100.00 Wkly 10 hours

Security $5,200.00 $100.00 Wkly 10 hours

Security/Facility Receptionist $5,200.00 $100.00 Wkly 10 hours

Special Events Coordinator $5,200.00 $100.00 Wkly 10 hours